Conley Tree Farm

Rick and Janice Zielfelder purchased the farm in mid-2010 have been working hard to improve not only the inventory of Christmas trees but also the facility and transportation around the farm.  Our goal is to make the experience of cutting your own Christmas tree an enjoyable one for the whole family.

You, your family and your family dog will feel welcome at the Conley Tree Farm. Our helpful staff will do all they can to assist you in the process of cutting and transporting the perfect tree.

Dress warm! Most people don't notice the steady uphill climb while driving up Meaderboro road to the farm. The fields really are over 700' above sea level plus they are prone to some breezy conditions. It is very common to be 10 degrees cooler at the farm than it is in downtown Rochester.

The pavement driveway will lead you to a parking area. During snowfall the driveway and parking area are cleared.

Once parked, our staff may have a couple of questions about what size and type of tree you are looking for. With this information we should be able to point you in the right direction.

You are welcome to bring your own saw or we have them for you to use as well. Hand saws only please.

You are welcome to roam the fields while searching for your tree or you can ride one of our hay wagons. We may have some blocks of trees roped off as these are not ready yet and will be for future years.

We have a tree shaker that we can shake any loose needles or debris free from your tree if you choose. We also have a baling machine that can be used for your tree which makes transportation and entry through doorways much easier.

We are also starting to do more with wreaths made with trees grown at our farm. These will be located around the red shed which is heated and should have plenty of cookies and hot apple cider.

We can provide baling twine to tie your tree down. Our staff is available to help load but it is the sole responsibility of the driver to ensure that the tree is safely secured for the trip home.


Conley Tree Farm
Conley Tree Farm