Conley Tree Farm
527 Meaderboro Road
Farmington, NH, 03835

One year only!

The Conley Tree Farm is closed for 2016.

When we purchased the farm in June of 2010 planting had stopped several years before. We have planted aggressively since and had stopped selling trees in the wholesale market trying to preserve what trees we had for our “cut your own” customers.

We have struggled with the “what do we do in 2016” question for several months. This has felt like a “no win” situation either way. If we opened, our selection would have been really limited which in itself would disappoint many people. If we don’t open, many people will be upset and need to find other farms. In the end, we have chosen to close for one season and give the trees another year to try and get ahead of this problem.

We hope you understand and will give us an opportunity to be “your” Christmas tree farm again.

Merry Christmas,
Conley Tree Farm