Conley Tree Farm

At the Conley Tree Farm we have been growing quality Balsam and Fraser Fir Christmas trees since 1968. The farm has nearly 400 acres with approximately 80 acres in tree production. We plant quality northern grown transplants every year to help insure a continuous supply of trees.

The Conley Tree Farm sits a little over 700' above sea level. The trees are sheltered by Blue Job and Hussey Mountains. The fields and trees are kept moist by natural springs running off of Hussey Mountain. These are just a few of the key factors that set our farm apart from other growers in Southern New Hampshire.

Please come and take a look at some of the scenic views available from the farm while choosing the perfect tree with your family for the Holidays. We have Balsam, Fraser, Fralsam and Canaan Firs to offer in 2024. We have trees from 5' up to 9' available.

Our goal is to make the experience of cutting your own Christmas tree an enjoyable one for the whole family.

2024 Updates

Wednesday 24th Jul

2024 Farm Hours

There will be no professional photography allowed on days Conley Tree Farm is open for "cut your own" Christmas tree sales.

Families taking personal pictures while selecting or cutting a Christmas Tree being purchased is fine. One note, props and/or staging is not considered a casual or spontaneous family photo and is not allowed.