COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

Staff temperatures will be monitored. Any staff member exhibiting symptoms of illness will not be allowed to work. PPE will be provided to our staff.

We are opening the weekend before Thanksgiving this year. This is in an effort to spread out the visits to our farm over more time.

Masks must be worn around Conley Tree Farm staff and any other person or persons not in your group. This is an absolute must around the tree trailers, shaker, baling machine, tree drilling machine, wreaths, soap, candles and while paying. Social distancing should be easy to maintain in the fields.

Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days so visiting our farm during our open weekdays is suggested if possible.

A sanitizing station will be available to staff and customers.

Saws will be sanitized when returned after use. Using your own saw is encouraged with the exception of gas or electric chain saws because of insurance requirements.

In an effort to minimize places where people gather, we have to eliminate the heated shed, cookies and hot apple cider.

Our garbage receptacles will not have lids to eliminate unnecessary touches.

We are urged to discourage bringing dogs as they cause additional interaction amongst people. Leashed, well behaved dogs may go unnoticed. Aggressive dogs clearly pulling will be sent back to a vehicle in the parking lot immediately.

Conley Tree Farm staff can NOT secure your tree to your vehicle. We have an instructional video on how to properly secure your tree to your vehicle watch video. Insurance requires this plus it is suggested by the National Christmas Tree Association in an effort to minimize contact this year.

Consider not bailing your tree if you are able to transport in a truck or trailer. The bailing machine typically is one of the areas where people congregate.

Additional information is available on CDC, State of NH and Local Health Department websites.